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    This Is A Hammer is the most comprehensive do-it-yourself site on the Web.

    Information when you want it

    Most DIY websites give you home improvement information when they choose to give it to you. Others simply hotlink to content belonging to others that may or may not answer your questions. Still others publish a scrap or two of information and then bog down the page — and your eyesight — with tons of annoying pop-up ads.
    At This Is A Hammer, you can find information to help you get through a home repair, maintenance or improvement project from start to finish. We are an independent source, but more than that, we are do-it-yourselfers who want to help our fellow weekend warriors with answers, info, or just a little encouragement.
    We’re committed to helping you out. If you have a question, comment or tip for This Is A Hammer, e-mail it to ask@thisisahammer.com .
    Feel free to look around. Browse the article archives, and stay tuned for web-only content that’s geared to the projects you’re most interested in.